Circular Economy

We want to make our products sustainable throughout their entire life cycle – from their procurement and production to their use, return, and remanufacturing right through to recycling and the reuse of materials.

Brusa Seating is committed to sustainable materials and we’re implementing these changes in our passenger seat development.

Sustainable materials are a launching point to becoming net CO2 neutral. Recycled PET bottles are ground up and transformed into a polyester yarn to produce a seat cover. The seat aluminium profiles and structure are also produced from low-CO2 emission aluminum.

We’re not far away from having a seat made entirely from renewable materials.

Brusa Seating will continue experimenting with innovative and earth-friendly materials.


About 40 different types of basic plastics and polymers are commonly used to make vehicle today. The majority of plastics are derived from petroleum and natural gas feedstocks and when vehicles are retired these materials are generally disposed of in landfills.

Brusa Seating introduce products made from natural and recycled materials to replace and reduce plastic usage.

Seat Cover

We continue to move forward in our efforts to all areas of sustainability — not just carbon emissions — in our seats. We develop seat cover material that consists of textiles made from recycled material such as PET bottles.