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Worldwide Passenger Comfort

Research and Innovation

Developing innovative solutions is one of our very top priorities. Brusa Seating has pioneered including several world firsts in seating systems. Our full systems approach, in-depth product expertise, and complete seating system knowledge enable us to see the complete picture and deliver the innovations that will drive the future of mobility. We choose to rely on competitive know-how and carefully selected resources.

Our corporate development projects are assigned to our technical centers, research development and application engineering (RD&E). Customers are supported by Brusa Seating to development of new vehicle models.

We are prepared to meet new CO2 regulations, to prioritize efficiency and performance for all solutions and help to create the vehicle that meets the needs of tomorrow.

Sustainable Products

Our products ensure safe and sustainable mobility. We want to make our products sustainable throughout their entire life cycle – from their procurement and production to their use, return, and remanufacturing right through to recycling and the reuse of materials.

Electrified Seats and Systems of the Future

What if, seats could be thought of in a completely new way?


A top innovation for passenger seats: an individually and steplessly adjustable lumber support.

Passenger Safety

3- Point All-Age Belt System. The main safety device for any vehicle is the seatbelt. The safety of children when travelling in coaches and intercity buses gets more and more into the focus of the public.

Safety Solution

With the aim of increasing safety, the findings from our shaker and crash tests and our research department support our costumer for vehicle safety.

Light Weight

In today’s seat engineering, the primary materials used are aluminium, high and advanced high-strength steels. However, there are many new materials which are stronger and have enhanced performance as well as numerous materials currently under research and development which could be successfully used in light weighting in the future.