The Vision of The BRUSA Company

BRUSA Company is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of seat systems and in-car equipment. We are innovative with intensive research, development, ergonomics and advanced technology competence. We are creating new markets with leading problem solutions and rapid product development. We are a market-oriented company. For us, customer satisfaction is at the central point. Our success in the market, determines the quality of our performance and it has priority as appropriate. Our company is completely planned and acting with environmental awareness. Our company is determined by its employees. This ideal is binding for us and constitutes the basis of our management.

The Mission of The BRUSA Company

We at BRUSA work for commercial vehicle seats and in-car equipment. We offer components, modules and systems. We want to be a local server that plays an important role in all these departments. We want to achieve the highest customer satisfaction through best products, best service, best price, development, ergonomics, technology and design.