Seat Trim

Trim: Delivering Best-in-Class Products

Apart from our conventional technologies, we also utilize electro-welding, designed grain leather and trim pre-forming techniques, decorative stitching, and in-house leather cutting to deliver a high level of craftsmanship.

The traditional cut-and-sew and trim development processes start as soon as the first foam prototypes are available. Then a trim template is digitized for the chosen CAD approach. Nesting is used to optimize fabric-cutting efficiency and to minimize the amount of scrap. In the final steps, the materials are sewn together and the seat covers are promptly delivered to the customer.

Innovative design technologies that enhance interior value and enable brand differentation.

Brusa’s expertise in cut and sew and expertise in fabrics meet our customers’ increasing need for integrated services – from fabrics to complete seats – on a global scale. This integration offers our customers enhanced innovation opportunities and the potential for further quality optimization by covering the entire process chain with early customer involvement.