Research & Development

With the development of technology, the demands for transportation vehicles are changing day by day. Nowadays, it is very important for us to search and develop innovative seat technology for these vehicles.

With innovation and creativity, we ensure that our customers’ buses and trains are future-proof.

We achieve maximum innovation, standardization and quality in all our operations. We have test laboratories and test units connected to European standards. We carry out tensile and impact tests in-house based on homoligation standards.

Our goal is constant innovation and searching for technical and industrial solutions which create added value for our clients while guaranteeing compliance with the highest standards.

We work closely with long-term design collaborations and development partners in the field of research and development.

  • Industrial design

Industrial design, which is used today as a competitive tool, is realized by combining creativity and the latest technological equipment to impress the customers. Creating and designing images is a key to leaving competitors behind.

  • Mechanical Design

The suitability of the designed and developed products to the target audience, external appearance, etc. elements are identified in the industrial design stage. The rapid maturation of the product in the process, the contributions of the mechanical designer, provides the right product and product properties. Mechanical Design is perhaps the most important part of the product development process.

  • Reverse Engineering

Our company, which continues to exist with certain criteria such as always taking place in the market, not compromising on quality and being innovative, continues to develop and make its name on the international platform.

  • Analysis

To minimize the losses in our products by using analysis program and to increase operational efficiency. In order to provide the best quality and efficiency for our customers, we analyze and manufacture our seats using our modern and innovative current.

  • Testing

We have thefull equipment for testing validation for passenger seats in our competence center.