Expertise with Every Element of the Seat,
From Hide Selection to the Completed Assembly

As a full seat integrator, Brusa has expertise with every element of the seat, from producing seat structures and all its contents right up to the seat trim, as well as 100% production of the completed assembly delivered to the OEM. Brusa’s start to finish expertise, scale, and best practices all add up to superior total value in automotive leather products.


Knowledge of the Consumer

The extensiveness of Lear’s consumer research and trending studies positions our company to exceed market expectations by delivering unique shades, designs and grains of leather that surprise and delight vehicle owners and offer them the opportunity for vehicle personalization.

World-class Research, Design & Engineering Capability

With engineers and sales personal has the necessary resources dedicated to providing the ultimate in premium leather and customer service to the global bus market.

Distinct Product Offering

Our leather offering spans traditional and contemporary thinking – retaining the natural characteristics of the leather hide, but delivering color texture and technical performance that encourages innovative thinking in seating design.